• Child arrangements applications.

  • Grandparents' applications. 

  • Enforcement of court orders.

  • Specific issues and prohibited steps orders.

  • Non-molestation and occupation orders.

  • Child Abduction High Court Cases.

  • Financial disputes

  • Public law cases.

          14 years experience,

          21 cases assisted.


Your Professional McKenzie Friend

With 15 years experience in Family Courts

Want Court support but can't afford representation?

Did you know that you are able to have a McKenzie friend attend the Courtroom with you? Jade's Business allows for her to assist you throughout the entire process and beyond.


68,805 new cases started in Family courts in July to September 2020, Courts advertise that proceedings can be be finalised within 6-8weeks, but the reality of late is that pre-covid it was already 6-12 months to reach final orders, Covid has affected that significantly.

Whilst I can not speed up proceedings I can assist with them at a significantly reduced financial rate, with or without legal representation. 

Many find that Legal representation is a costly experience and so it can help to have a McKenzie in the early stages and draft in representation where needed, which, if you have a knowledgable McKenzie may not be necessary.

I offer Consultations of 1 hour for free, beyond that my services are £15 ph.

Please contact me to see how I can be of assistance and for day rates.

07762 932 657

Please note, I cannot work on cases with a conflict of interest i.e. advising both parties.