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Updated: Aug 14, 2018

We went over to Wild Futures today, having not visited for 4 years we were so excited to catch up with some of the monkeys we'd met before.

Baby Joey to be specific, He'd stuck in our minds since we set eyes on him he was lovingly clutching his comfort blanket and rocking in a corner, which at first seemed sweet, until we learnt the horrific truth behind his behaviour which was a form of long lasting PTSD symptoms following years of ill treatment and neglect at the hands of his London based owner, who kept him in a cage similar to the one pictured and along with a rare bone disease caused Joey to form a misshaped spine during his adolescence. Doctors declares that Joey would never walk, and whilst listening to the keepers hopeful and optimistic dreams that Joey would overcome his upbringing and indeed walk again, it seemed very unlikely and left everyone listening extremely saddened.

So naturally, we were slightly anxious but eager to see him and his progress. We searched the park high and low before asking a keeper to help us find him, she took us over to an enclosure with just a few monkeys in and opened a hatch and sure enough over he came, confident and without his comfort blanket he strolled over and sat with us for a good 2 minutes before walking back off to join his friends.

Head to my Insta stories for 2x video updates before/after of Joey. www.instagram.com/jadeullrich

It was a memorable moment. And absolutely proof that Charities like Wild Futures are paramount to our Planets future. The charity relies on donation and throughout the park there are deposit pots for visitors to show support, as well as gift aiding upon entry you can also sign up to adopt monkeys and receive updates and information in exchange for small regular donations, you can even donate using your will.

There's a hut at the centre of the park which has lot's of factual info about the park residents and the park's campaigns which was really engaging for both adults and the children, with a rolling info video, displays and a cute little reading corner for the younger ones. Wild Futures has partnered with The RSPCA, Four Paws, Captive Animals' Protection Society, Born Free Foundation and British Veterinary Association to promote their recent Campaign to End the UK primate pet trade and get the Government to help protect Primates, The petition currently has over 46,000 signatures but they desperately need to reach 50,000 SIGN UP HERE: www.protectprimates.org

There's a play park, face painting, a crafts hut with lots of discoveries for the kids, 2x cafe's and a shop. The hideout cafe located in the carpark is a two-storey treehouse serving delicious local goodies and drinks, perfect before the long drive home!

We'll be back Wild Futures, Keep up the amazing work!- Here's our round-up gallery of our visit, enjoy!

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