Why mommy drinks..

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

So it's half term, you've planned everything down to a T, and everything you've said you'll do goes out the window before you've even left the house.

In my last post I explained how i'd be planning half term so well that it would be a fool-proof week of fun.

The first 2 days were plagued with cold and flu symptoms and followed by the trusty weather system Cornwall has, there was no way we were leaving the house. So that was swimming and Camels Creek  knocked off the list. The children did, however, claim to be well enough to demand Pancakes with all the trimmings on Tuesday...

Valentines day was spent creating yummy treats and cards, none of which were remotely Pinterest worthy, and we made the most of the remainder of the week by just doing enough to burn some energy and keep the kids occupied. Sounds basic, right?

We just had to accept that life sometimes deals some pretty sh*t hands and no amount of planning will stop that, so we enjoyed making the most of it and stayed snuggled up half the week.

Keeping children entertained in the house isn't easy, which leads to this post's title.

"Why Mummy Drinks"..

Assuming we all know how to enjoy alcohol correctly... I'll continue by being real AF and speaking for most of the mum's reading this when I say, drop the god damn guilt.

A glass of wine after a week like this is essential sometimes, and thats not in the alchi sense, that's in a "mums finally got the bathroom to herself, locks the door, grabs a good book and sneaks the bottle in too!" kinda way.

So as you can see from the accompanying imagery, I most definitely did that. The bottle and I headed for the bath for a 2 hour long soak with the inspirational read that is "why mummy drinks" by Gill Sims, which you absolutely have to go out and buy, yesterday! Fully wound down and a complete prune, I kissed goodbye to yet another unsuccessful half term.

Note to self, must remember to build a cosy wooden outdoor summerhouse turned craft workshop for children to play in when cozied up and poorly in time for next half term, just incase.


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