Whoever is trying to bring you down, is already below you

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

With so much controversy surrounding Feminism, there's never been a better time to be a part of the Pro Female movement. I'm invited to Women's only networking events daily and I wish I could make them all! It's so important to empower other women during your every day life, wether in Business or not. I'm not naive, but I like to assume that everybody's nice until they give you a reason to disbelieve that.

- The title of this blog post is horribly negative, but so relevant, unfortunately growth wise lot's of people you come across in life may be below your power of thinking. This post will hopefully share my thoughts on the positive's of mutual empowerment.

"Your vibe attracts your tribe"

and my tribe is pretty fucking awesome.

Unfortunately you'll come across lost souls in life that don't follow this movement, that are most likely jealous of you or something you have, that are happy to attempt to cause you upset or grief. Learn to ignore this behaviour, literally don't even acknowledge it. Because any bad vibes that you allow in will shine on out and make you look just as ugly.

Instead, wish these people growth and pray that they too find a path to their own happiness.

Take every opportunity you can in life to network and allow fresh people in, Katie my absolute sidekick and I met randomly at the Headland Hotel a few years ago, both there separately to find solace and enjoy some quality alone time, after a small talk chat about work and life in Cornwall, we exchanged numbers in the changing rooms because we just got those good vibrations from each other, years later she's my absolute rock, she's the queen of Networking and manages to move all over the world and meet new creatives and extend her circle. She was my inspiration for change, I too wanted to attract a whole different class of people. Creatives driven by inspiration, risk takers, entrepreneurs and adventurers, and that starts with you.. 

I wrote this post is for anyone that struggles to smile at every person they catch eyes with, for anyone that suffers from social anxiety, secret jealousies or envy. 

For anyone that suffers from imposter syndrome as explained in a previous post and for anyone who finds negativity in their lives in any form, just remove or ignore. 

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to follow this movement, you'll come across someone who doesn't, Adopt self love and the view that Empowering the women around you is of far greater importance and a better use of your brain space, Shift your focus back onto your goals, and soon enough the opinions of those negative energies won't have any impact on you what so ever.

Never let anybody else warped perceptions of you affect the way you conduct yourself, your goals or your business. 

"Ignorance is most definitely bliss"


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