What to do in Cornwall with kids

Its the last day of term for us here in Cornwall.

6. weeks. off.

You'll find lots of mommy blogs celebrating this period of quality time, however, this is my 8th 6 week Summer holiday so here's some tips for those mommas that are just a little bit over the holiday periods, this, is how i make it easier!

Firstly, I'll be juggling a house renovation, house move and business dealings as well as keeping up with all our scheduled blogger trips, hopefully one last minute weekend away and the week before we're back prep (thats an important post so come back at the end of August too!)

I won't reveal all of our Blogger Trips just yet, but we've been invited down to the Eden Project for our Next Blog Trip as part of our Influencer Sponsorship to experience their new Space Expo, the kids are so excited, we can't wait to share that with you, IGTV updates on insta too! Make sure you catch our Circus post! (The one previous to this)

So Cornwall lovers, the obvious answer to the holidays is save money and have fun right?

Beaches.. we have over 300 of them, so exploring our coastline has to be up there with the top 10 things to do this holiday! We'll be uploading our TOP 10 Next Week, but for now my absolute must do this summer is spend a much time as possible at the beach, we've been so blessed lately with the weather and it's silly not to take advantage of smaller waves that the good weather brings for the little ones and get them in the water, It's Harleys 1st summer of Surfing with us this year, so just like when Dillan was 3 he'll be coming out with me, buoyancy aid strapped on and sat on the front of my board to get him used to the rush until he's confident enough to want to try the white water out for himself and mess about, Dillan took to this method of intro to the "big bath" as they call it, really well and has been surfing ever since, although he does still struggle with balance in smaller waves and always wants to come out back with me.

Top Tip number 1.

Enjoy our surroundings, get onto those beaches, and explore the less popular, our fave right now? - Pedn Vounder, why? because recently my partner and I were at Tolcarne Beach in Newquay at our Private beach hut on the Seafront, we have a separated private beach area and loungers out front, and a very outspoken being (politely put!) decided to converse with me (again very politely put!) about the fact that I was sunbathing topless, facing away from the beach, outside our private hut, I think it had something more to do with his girlfriend feeling uncomfortable about it, needless to say I didn't re-cloth myself, and the outspoken being moved on, so YES Pedn Vounder because its a freedom beach, unofficially, and by that I mean it has a Spanish vibe about it, as in Nipples don't offend! #Freethatnipple #Fuckthetanline .

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