We're Making Moves!..

10 Years of Childhood Sexual Abuse and 14 years of Legal battles.

A total of 24 years of my life stolen by one person.

Scarred for a lifetime.

Finally, since waiving my right to anonymity and giving little Jade a voice that has finally been heard, we’ve had what I’d consider as a result... for now.. •My abusers early parole release has been POSTPONED.

•My abuser will NEVER be allowed to return home to Kirby Muxloe, Leicester.

The fight isn’t over and I refuse to be silenced once again.

The remainder of his ridiculously short sentence needs to be served whilst I continue to challenge the sentence he was awarded by the Court & CPS by way of a plea deal, trialled with a life sentence possibility in exchange for no trial and a 5 year sentence 🤯 No real admittance AND NO REMORSE.

My plan is to fight back against the British Justice System.

I’m going to need your help, please keep sharing the@changedotorg#petitionlink in my bio to help spread the word and show your support 🙏🏼



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