The freedom of travelling whilst being at work

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Having the freedom to travel and work is by far the best part of being self employed.

Working for yourself and choosing an area, like I have, where you can assist clients from anywhere in the world is truly amazing.

Answering a Skype whilst your mid sun sesh with a Pino in one hand and your trusty mac in the other knowing that when that phone goes down, your straight back to where you want to be, it's so exhilarating.

I'll never forget having a layover in Paris, taking over a corner of the airport lounge and using every single charger socket I could see in sight to run my mobile type office, phonecall after phonecall for 8 hours straight while I got to grips with the idea of balancing work and travel.

I was designing SurfGypsy Magazine at the time and dealing with illustrators and advertisers, feeling completely homesick and uncomfortable like I had taken on way too much. I recall thinking "How on earth do these travel bloggers do it?!", my iPhone had turned into a landline, call charges were creeping through the roof and pretty much every country I visited had banned the use of WhatsApp or has Skype restrictions whilst visiting their country. (Morocco was especially bad for that!)

It wasn't long though before I found the balance, set out times to head for wifi and make those calls, allowed 3 hours per travelling day to plug my business and converse with clients back home. I started to use apps, CityLink, Uber and others to quickly get to grips with my new surroundings, so that I was comfortable enough not to let anxiety or fear take over and affect my ability to function.

Once you start travelling and working it's much easier to connect with like-minded people, endemic to your brand, visiting Morocco hooked me up with a huge Instafluencer famous for their amazing photography and travel tips for visiting Morocco, and before long your gps locations and hashtag usage attract all sorts of local opportunities, we were invited along to opening nights, events and music venues offering us triple A access and VIP treatment.

I was hooked.

Another memory whilst in Spain was, having Pete (aka Mistajam) call me from his hotel room after he spotted we were staying not so far apart inviting us along to cover his DJ set, along with the likes of Ayah Marah and Calvin Haris.

What i'm trying to say is, don't let anything hold you back, Travel, Exploration and Overcoming social anxiety is so important for your quality of life, to open yourself up to new opportunities and allow yourself the chance to grow.

Speaking of Social anxiety. My next Blog post is absolutely going to have to be based on a point my closest girlfriend raised in conversation aided by copious amounts of coffee, just last week.

A struggle that some Entrepreneurs find themselves dealing with, even if they don't know it! - Warning, this may just apply to you, but I have some top tips for dealing with it daily!


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