The Big Move

Ahh man.. you know when you picture something in your head and it just goes the complete opposite way? No amount of organisation was going to prepare us for what has been a pretty manic week AND during the summer hols- which by the way is THE worst time to move house.

I really wanted to Blog the entire renovation but for the first time ever was way too busy to even contemplate locating my phone amongst the chaos to take before and after pics.. which I'm so annoyed about because we've done so much already this week.. Well it's too late for all that now so you guys'll have to settle for updates, via my insta highlights ;) AND my Top finds in the interior world, HomeSense, Ikea, TK Maxx, The House Outfit and Jo and Co Home are all up there for the faves at the moment!

Because we knew the move would have us busy busy busy we'd decided to completely ram the first summer hol week with Family Blogger trips and vow to take the kids atlas 3x times a week thereafter somewhere fun, even if it's just a bike ride.. determined that this house move will not swamp all our time.

We hooked up with The Park Cornwall for a little mini break before the manic move, which was a slice of heaven, The Park is beautiful and with 2x little play parks and with stylish indoor and outdoor swimming pools this holiday park is perfect for a get away even if you live just down the road! We felt a million miles away tucked into the hills of Mawgan Porth, The Yurt village is set away from the rest of the park and is completely private from other guests, with its own Hot tub, shepherds hut bathrooms and barn style alfresco kitchen it really is a home from home with a gypsy feel. The restaurant however deserves an extra special mention, you must try their Thai green curry, it's out of this world! And their Sunday Lunch menu is luscious!

So we've got Flambards, Springfields and strawberry picking pencilled in for this week.

Then we're onto planning for the boys birthday's which we're doing very differently this year, stay tuned!

It's Tuesday, and the only fun thing we've managed to cram into our time this week so far was a trip to the carboot with their pocket money because we literally couldn't find the energy to take the kids to Flambards yesterday after our now apparently normal 3am bedtime stints- once that paintbrush is in my hand there's no stopping me... and a hike up the quarry.

So we're one step closer to our achieving our Dream.

Here's something I'd encourage all of you to start.. which begins with some imagery and a vision board, make it, stick quotes all over it and look at it every morning, it sets you up for your day, re programs your daily, weekly and monthly goals, helping you stay focused enough to achieve that dream.. I promise it actually does work.. I've built myself up, lost everything and done it all over again, learning along the way and isn't that just the beauty of living? That, throughout life we experience so much that shapes our journey and our futures? That every day is a building block for the following day, and that we repeat that everyday building to a year.. fuck New years resolutions it should be a daily thing, learn from the day, not the entire year, make changes every morning, demand more from life, at work, in friendships, in relationships, everything!

Stay focused along the way with a vision board, and create it.

Below's just a snippet of whats on ours, everyone starts somewhere. We're all human, and we're all just as capable as one another, its all about how you apply yourself. So apply daily.

Otherwise, whats the actual point in your life? What are you working towards or are you just working to exist?

We're working to LIVE. Our new home is only a temporary stepping stone to what we want our future to hold, we've simplified our life, cutting down all of our living costs to put every penny we earn towards our future. We've made a house a home sure, but the real work starts now...


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