Thank you Flying Tiger

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

I've always loved scandi style, Ikea fits the bill for homewares but meet Tiger, aka Flying Tiger, The high street chain that's taken the UK by storm.

Everytime I hit the city, I get drawn in on the promise of luxury products without the price tag stunning minimalistic homewares and their never-ending candle stick collection, however the most amazing thing about this store is their affordable range of children's toys.

My children go wild for it.

From blow up globes to arts and crafts, Tiger's got it covered. My Eldest always requests to go there before he starts a new term at school, he's in love with their themed pens and banana shaped pencil cases, who doesn't need an emoji poo rubber, right?

I love minimalistic stylish children toys and homewares, sorry paw patrol quilt covers, your not quite so welcome here.. They have lots of pretty wooden toys and you can always find the latest trends incorporated into their designs, queue the cute bunny shaped lamps..

Recently I hooked up with FT's Pr dept who wanted to send out a family game for us to try out during the Easter Hols, Sorry guys, we just couldn't wait!

Introducing Flying Tigers take on the famous What am I? game.

Perfect for both my two aged 3 and 8, we literally play it for like an hour at a time and the kids can't wait to take it with us to play on our next travel journey with our friends and their children, they can even play it in the car!

The beautiful pastel coloured illustrations keep them enticed throughout and every symbol is recognisable to my youngest, which is great! There's 40x picture cards, a timer, reward tokens and 4x headbands along with 10x blank cards and a whiteboard pen so that you can even design your own!

Check out the rest of Flying Tigers range here:


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