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Meet Sisters & Seekers



You know when you have those Instagram accounts of girlies you just know you would be mates with in real life? Those chicks you support daily with likes and a cheeky story reply.. Yup you know the ones.. well, Meet mine!

First up in our Badass Boss Babes Feature, Sisters Alice & Maisie.

I Instantly fell in love with Sisters & Seekers branding, so I took the opportunity to interview these lovely entrepreneurs because I just knew you guys will love them too!

Sisters and Seekers is recognised as an IG powerhouse brand coming through for Female empowerment, and we're going crazy for it, what inspired you both to create such a relatable sisterhood based clothing brand?

"Thank you, that means so much to us! We believe that being a sister is all about supporting and sharing things with each other, whether that might be secrets, thoughts or the material things like clothes, shoes make-up etc. We want Sisters & Seekers brand perception to completely reflect the mantra ‘girls supporting girls’ with recognition of those unbreakable girl bonds we all share, whether we are sisters, best friends, mothers, daughters or even strangers from anywhere in the world. We all share the same love for fashion and of wanting to look and feel good in ourselves, with the clothes we wear undeniably being a huge part of this. We want to be the place you go to feel a part of our Sisterhood and enjoy finding your new favourite outfit in the process."

You run this Business, travel a lot and are IG fashion bloggers how do you keep the work/life balance?

"Honestly, a work/life balance has been very difficult to maintain during our first year of running the business. It’s very easy to forget that Instagram only shows the highlights of someone’s life, and although we wouldn’t change what we do for the world it’s definitely not all been plain sailing. It’s good for us all to realise that we wouldn’t post our 3am breakdowns with puffy eyes, wearing sweatpants or unmatching pjs with not a drop of make up in sight, even though we might have posted a full-glam blogger pic to our personal Instagram’s hours earlier! If anyone reading this is looking to start their own business, it’s definitely worth thinking about how much you want to sacrifice for success – we kissed good bye to a regular social life, unplanned days/trips away and even time to go shopping! But from the bottom of our hearts every second we spend working on this is a blessing and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are definitely nowhere near where we want to be so there’s a lot more work to get through for us, that’s for sure! We are currently expanding our team to try and relieve some of the workload though, so hopefully a work/life balance will no longer be a thing of the past!"

Years of lolling around airports in my PJ's and oversized sunnies seems to have become the norm in recent years with celebs sporting sweats, sunnies and caps is that what inspired your airport collection?

"Our inspiration for all of our collections is mainly to make our clothes wearable. Too often you see brands releasing huge collections, but realistically half of it you would only wear for an IG photo, not out and about on a weekend. We found this from being bloggers ourselves that half of our wardrobe would remain unworn for that reason.  

This theme also stemmed into our Airport Collection; whenever we travel we’ve found the comfort/style balance is a difficult one to measure. There’s nothing worse than feeling overdressed or uncomfortable on a flight, but you also want to be confident in the way you look. We carefully plan, design and even trial the outfits before release so we are 100% happy with the outcome. We base everything on our thoughts and how outfits make us feel personally, as we believe this reflects the majority of our customers/sisters."

Slogan branding is on the rise, you've kept yours very 'girls supporting girls' focused, every piece is inspiring women on the rise everywhere to be authentic and unique so whats next for the sisterhood?

"We feel like the slogan style is part of our brand image now so you will definitely be seeing more of this from us. We don’t use any plastic in our packaging and we’ve recently started sending our linen bags with every order, each with a different slogan feature. Our personal favourite is “clothes won’t change the world, but the women who wear them will.”

Our new Autumn collection is also currently in the works and will be released very soon with some of our all time favourite pieces that are perfect for the transition from Summer to Autumn before we all get too cosy! Each collection aims for everyone in the Sisterhood to feel like they’ve got a unique and authentic piece that they can feel good in whenever they wear Sisters & Seekers. We’ve got big things coming for you and even bigger ideas for next year – we can’t wait to take you all with us on this unbelievable journey."

If you could collab for a collection with one inspirational Female who would it be?

"There are so many inspirational females out there all with different success stories, whether those be big or small accomplishments! But if we were to collaborate with a more well-known inspirational female we are personally so inspired by Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman. We are in complete awe of everything they’ve achieved and it’s so nice to see their continued involvement with their business ventures amongst their own personal achievements. If you ever get chance to read any articles they’ve had published, they are very inspirational business women and for us, completely embody the ‘sisterhood’ idea that we promote."

These inspirational sisters just launched their AW18 Collection shop now

L O V E Sisters & Seekers, everything these girls do is just magical, their Minimalistic nudes vibe, Cute packaging & Quality clothes.. we've bought into the lifestyle brand, their AW collection is Bomb, check it above!

Thank you girlies! Cannot wait to catch up & watch your business go from strength to strength!



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