Shit it's September?!

It's been two months since my last post, two months since I've actually sat down with my own thoughts to evaluate what experiences I'm having so I can share them with you in the hope that just one person can take something helpful away from my share, but I've avoided that sometimes overwhelming stage.. and suddenly we're in stumble block September, that shitty time of year where your struggling with simple every day shit, like whether it's going to be 20 degrees outside or you're facing an entire week of rain, cue the A/W wardrobe dilemmas, some of you might be experiencing SAD (which affects me massively every year.. need that Vit D) or you might also like me be starting to feel overwhelmed or anxious about Christmas, which is less than 100 days away... The presents, the family, the travel.. and for me an alcohol free christmas ahead :)

Usually I'd post helpful tips and tricks I've found to help deal with any of these end of summer woes, but I genuinely haven't started to address my shit, I think i'm still shocked that it's actually September, what the F happened to 2019.. But rest assured, as I start to actually get excited about my favourite holiday season (I actually love the Fall, the cinnamon, the woodland walks, pumpkin pies and the cosy nights by the fire), I will share them.

But for now, If you're feeling a little bit September shitty, just know you're not alone :)



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