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I posted on IG today that being a parent doesn't mean that you have to loose your own identity. I meant this in every sense. Mostly conformity, and feeling as though you have to fit the "mom" bill, looks wise, clothes wise, lifestyle wise. Living in Newquay has helped me develop a healthy view on this, because although I'm among one of the younger generation parents at my kid's school, there's still mothers rocking teal surfy streaks in their hair, wearing bikinis under there gym tops and that openly admit keeping there kids up later for a beach event.. People are literally so relaxed here, we're all almost horizontal.

I love that.

Raising Dillan for the first year of his life in Leicester was horrific, and nearly put me off parenthood for life, I remember having conflict with a guy on a bus once for breastfeeding in public and feeling those judgemental eyes in the city centre whilst out shopping because I wasn't dolled up for a night out whilst walking around H&M..

And of course, the older I get, the wiser I become to this.

Doesn't stop me subconsciously wondering whether I'm too old to post this and that or whether there's one too many revealing bikini posts on my feed.

But I refuse to act like a married mid-40's mom, because I'm not.

I refuse to loose my nearly 30 self's identity just because I chose to have children, I am a role model to them, in every sense.

  • Wearing what I choose is teaching them to be creative and comfortable in their style.

  • Showing my body is encouraging self esteem and self achievement/ as well as being an aspect of work.

  • Taking time out is teaching respect for the need of others alone time and space.

  • Sharing a healthy selfish mindset teaches them to rely on themselves only & creates self worth.

  • Choosing self-employment is not irresponsible with children in tow, It's teaching the best possible life lesson of self sufficiency through struggle and strive.

And i'll stand by those statements until the day I die.

Believe in yourselves, non-conformity, always.

"6 months from now you can be in a completely different space, mentally, spiritually, financially. Keep working and believing in yourself. "

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