Picture it then paint it

So I'm heading to a self-development workshop this Saturday with lots of likeminded ladies, where I'm sure I'll learn lot's of things about myself and my current mindset, as well as being completely inspired by the other women around me, whilst being encouraged to delve deeper by the awesome group leader too!- Everybody wanting to explore their inner desires and life goals, go check School of harts on Facebook and book on with eventbrite!

I want to touch on mindset again because I think it's really easy to think this is just a default setting once achieved.. its not. Mindset may need to be reset every single day, sometimes several times a day, everything that happens can affect your mental state of mind.

"Grow Through what you Go Through"

I've found a new way of instigating this reset phase (it happened that often I had to find a less draining way to re-focus).

Lot's of people say you shouldn't express your hopes and dreams before they happen.

I completely disagree.

The media is full of "I can't wait to share ... with you" & "exciting announcement coming soon" and I myself have done it, and guaranteed, every.single.time, I've made mistakes behind the scenes, managed time poorly and been lazy with my plans because no one is watching.

Some success guru's and coaches will advise against sharing your plans before you've "made it".. which I think is absolute bullshit.

There's a huge difference between a brag and a genuine, "I'm sharing this with you because over the next few month's I'm going to be working on a really exciting new project" then, explanation of the project and then some extra detail like opening day/press day for example, It's personal, it's likeable, and there's nothing more intriguing than following someones journey closely from the beginning and watching it all unfold.

Meanwhile, you get a huge boost of inspiration because you know there's people out there waiting to celebrate your journey with you, some will say that's added pressure, I say that if the world is watching you'll push yourself harder to stick with goals and timelines, and you'll have drummed up a whole lot of interest along the way. You see it all the time in comments sections "I've followed this ... since the beginning, 125k followers and a tv show on, and look how much you've achieved"... It's a very attractive and personal marketing plan that works wonders for your mindset.

So try picturing it, and then paint it, every.single.fucking.day.


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