Paulos Circus Invite

We we're lucky enough to receive an invite down to Paulos Circus in Newquay last week, we've taken the children twice before an each time the show has come to Newquay there's been variations which has kept us going back. No one wants to see the same show twice..

Paulos were nice enough to extend their offer to a 3x further passes for our children's friends to accompany us, which meant 4x children under the age of 10 on the day.

We were given front row seats in a box at the side of the stage meaning the kids has a great view of the entire show and lots of interaction with the performers, who actually came out into the crowd at times too. The show wasn't too long lasting just over an hour, starting with a cage act where two performers free-ran over rotating cages which the kids thought was amazing, there was a few scare elements and daring moves which created lot's of gasps in the audience and then the show changed in contrasts with some beautiful performances from an aerial performer and a contemporary dancing couple. There was a time where a blind folded member of the audience was invited up onto the stage to have knives thrown at them (which of course was a trick) that wasn't included in this years show, which was a shame but the actual knife throwing act involving the professionals where real knives where thrown at an assistant was equally as scary to watch!

Quick note if your taking Autistic or young children though, there are dark and slightly scary loud music moments which they may find distressing, so i'd recommend thing ear defenders along with you if you have sensitive children or kids under 4...

Of course they're licensed so there's beers and ciders available to purchase, as well as popcorn and light wands for the kids.

I won't reveal anything else about the show as it'll ruin it for you, but there's one amazing piece that I've purposely left out of the review which is absolutely amazing, the children were completely mesmerised and named it as the best part of the show.

Just a couple of things which could be improved we think, there's a couple of interval entertainment acts shown between larger set ups which were quite dated that we didn't find particularly amazing, but there were quite old-school circus so might appeal to the older crowds..

All in all we're so thankful to have been invited in by Paulos and can't wait to return to see what new acts return next year, it's a great way to fill a couple of hours whilst visiting Cornwall and the kids will love it!

Head to my IG story highlights for our LIVE show coverage! @jadeullrich



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