Palm Bay ft. Creme De La Creme

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Guys, It's finally here.

I can announce my new Business venture.

You all know that we sold our Creme De La Creme premises last year and have been looking for a new creative space since. Usually I wouldn't disclose this type of news until everything's set in stone, but since when does that happen?! We've already has 2 applications fail this year because the other side have pulled out for whatever reason so it's made me even more determined to make this happen.

The blueprints have been drawn and we're on our way to expansion, a long way off yet but I'm so excited to share my designs with you all via my insta stories over the coming weeks!


So a refresher about Palm Bay, we launched our Palm Bay pop up shop last year at Towan Beach in Newquay, selling handmade crafts, vintage clothing and jewellery so we've decided to combine our love for thrift stores with our Cafe Creme De La Creme.

Do you remember that scene from the holiday when Cameron Diaz walks around the tiny hamlet store buying endless amounts of food whilst sipping from a bottle of red? Funnily enough this was my inspiration, how many times do you feel guilty for entering a shop at the mall with an iced latte frappe still in your hand and get scowled at my every assistant?- well I do, all the time. And just like in the US I wanted to create a lunch spot with a browsing space, somewhere to relax past your coffee and you'll leave with some killer garms, roped my dad into this one and sent him off in search of vintage tees and Levi's over in Chicago, roll on the Harley D cropped festi tops, and that Hilfiger hype with some really rare vintage pieces.

I can't wait to share the vegan friendly menu with you all and lot's of new local collaborations for the shop, some of which as previously announced will be available here in the New Online shop when we launch. There'll be lots of events in the pipeline, girls only surf days, event sponsorships and creative wine evenings.. so bloody excited for this New Newquay based collective hub and to get my creative hands all over it <3

That said, Newquay and surrounding local creatives hit me up for collabs, always looking to work with new people, click contact us from the menu


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