Have a serious think back over the past month and how you've delegated your time..

There's a huge chance that at some stage, or maybe if you're a serial offender, like me, you'll often choose to help others before helping yourself.

Why do we do this, personal gratification? distraction? Empath?

Whatever the reason, it's probably best to deal with your own shit first, I've spoken about the art of list making a lot.. because it works, so to stop yourself prioritising others before you, write lists and stick to them! There's nothing wrong with helping others but remain present and aware of how much those good deeds eat into your own to do's.

Welcome to 'NO'vember.

I'm terrible for it, and it's usually not just to see a sigh of relief in others.. most of the time I think it actually benefits me, sometimes using my time to help others simply stops me from procrastinating and gives me a focus outside of my crazy world.

note- This does not actually help me, it just distracts me when I feel I need it, else I make poor decisions etc.. but, I'm now learning to allow myself time to go over things until I feel satisfied.

I've just started practising my use of 'NO'vember, making myself less available to others and more present and available for my own growth.. mostly I'm finding that during conversation I tend to make it very apparent that I show no interest in a subject or have no time to discuss others and engage in unhealthy speculation or gossip... and this is definitely being perceived as rude by some, but there's no nice way to cut a conversation short, so just stay mindful if you plan on levelling up your social circle or regular conversations with colleagues for example, as to how you choose to limit or cut your involvement; and watch your spirits lift.

But don't just stop there, say No to the social you can't be bothered to attend and small talk your way through, say No to the additional hours at work that see you no pay rise, say No and watch your energy shift as you gain complete control of your time, your life and how you spend it.

It's so refreshing to choose what you allow in, who you allow in and how you spend your time.

It's the only way to grow.

Making changes to see change.

Practise, Practise, Practise!!


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