My Campaign for change begins..

⚠️I’m not even sure how to begin to put into words the damaging severity of my reality.

For years I’ve felt shame that this relates to me.

I’ve never wanted to share this part of me.

The justice system has failed me, once again.

I’ve been fighting back for nearly 20 years.

This man stole my childhood and has consumed my adulthood.

I need you to sign this petition and help end my nightmare. Here’s why,

Aged 6 I was regularly drugged and sexually assaulted, by a family member I once trusted.

I’m unable to discuss the reasoning behind the following relating to EU country laws, this was not legally prosecuted as a Rape classification, had the assaults been proven in this country by way of a trial, he would have served a life sentence.

He’s been prosecuted twice, each time he lied.

He’s shown NO REMORSE.

The second time round he entered a plea bargain which saw him escape a lifetime prison sentence, in exchange for a 4 year sentence of which he’s served just 2.

I’ve faced him 3x times, and most recently heavily pregnant inside the prison where he currently is, ready to sit around the same table in front of the Parole board to fight back. He refused to face me and demanded legal representation. The following hearing was held in my absence as they failed to contact me.

He won.

I can fight his parole and keep him in prison, but I need your help.

1,500 signatures can get me in front of the Home Office, it will aid my challenge of his parole conditions which is already in process, and most importantly it could help my fight in the reform of Sexual abuse cases as I challenge the way the CPS handle such cases by way of plea bargains and fair trials etc.

Help me.

Help other little girls, other children, other victims by taking two small seconds to sign.




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