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Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Balancing business and parenthood.

No matter how many books you read, blogs you set eyes on or podcasts you drown in, this isn't easy. I'm so glad to see the recent sore in mommy bloggers getting real, not afraid to write and Vlog mom truths. If you come across a mom blog that boasts amazingly well behaved children, perfect pinterest worthy photographs or the ultimate clean living lifestyle, Do not be fooled. I made the mistake back in the early days of parenthood, of comparing myself to others and wondering wether I was getting it wrong for feeling like I'd lost myself in becoming a parent. Becoming a parent completely changed my life almost 10 years ago, It's really important to remember that we're not 'just' moms, but you really do have to work at keeping the 'you' alive.

A good point of reference at this stage has to be Tova_leigh, so I've included one of her Youtube vids below.

Having children is wonderful and amazing, any parent already knows this. But what we don't always share is the horrifying moments that being a mom brings, daily.

Recently I posted a shot to accompany a blog post, "why mommy drinks". I feel now that it's only fair to share the reality behind the 'mom time' I was trying to salvage. Sure, the kids were tucked up in bed, and I was enjoying my book and humungous glass of Merlot, but the reality of being a mom really isn't all that pretty all of the time. Rest assured 5 blissful minutes in the three year old silent ninja was creeping in to use the toilet, and when I say silent ninja, I'm obviously being sarcastic.. Queue 21 questions about how mommy should be in bed by now it's night time and the moon is out, and how come I'm allowed to eat chocolate at night time and why mommy has a glass of wine in the bath with her, and why can't harley take his favourite books in the bath and then we moved onto more riveting conversation about his toilet habits and how he's definitely not tired anymore and how much he'd like to get in mommies big bath.. in the end the other half was lured upstairs to my rescue as he tempted the child back to his bedroom with warm cocoa, His special midnight treat that grants him a parenting win in almost every situation ever. And I finally achieved the soak I was searching for.

School runs, as previously mentioned I've acquired some skills that enable me to avoid all unnecessary human contact. But the hoody and oversized sunnies look is a regular for the school run, because sometimes heading home for a shower afterwards to get ready for work is the only way I can work it, Take this Tuesday for example, we're all up at 6am. Uniforms at the ready, pre-bathed the night before, help yourselves buffet breakfast out on the table and all that needed to be achieved was for us to get ready in peace whilst offering the usual regular shuffle alongs. Well, I have no idea what on earth happened but the boys rooms resembled a war zone, the dining room showed definite evidence of a food fight and the freshly ironed uniforms were quickly exchanged for fresh sets before finally leaving the house, half an hour later than usual.

My point is, I do not remember the last time I took a pee without one of the kids bursting in, although we have more than one bathroom! I'm regularly finding my perfumes being used its the base for some magical potion and no matter how minimal and organised we try to keep the house these god awful stick man pictures keep appearing on the children's bedroom walls superglued/stickytacked or cello taped, gradually peeling off our rather expensive Dulex paint..

Organisation is key to being a working mom sure, but making the change to being a mompreneur required skills beyond those you'd expect of a CIA agent or equivalent, it feels. Take the 8 year old for example, aged 6-7 was an amazing asset, helped take care of his little brother, happily took part in the weekly reward system at home earning his pocket money and set up his own home office inside mine to come to work with me, since becoming 8 going on 18 however, oh how the tables have turned, that teenage strop, the 'why' attitude and the un-willingness that comes with his new found independence. Queue the ability to play mom, imitate police officers and cia agent the sh*t out of his xbox live usage.

Seriously, growing 3 businesses, the endless emails, keeping family time a priority and actually enjoying life is bloody difficult- but somehow we manage it quite well.

So we've decided to share more of our journey here, so that everyone reading our blog can relate to the realities of owning a Business along with winging parenthood, including some coping mechanisms that we've implemented into our everyday life in an attempt to keep some Zen as we prepare for a busy Summer of Business growth. Because you can loose yourselves whilst being parents and running businesses.

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As promised the goddess that is Tova Leigh:

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