Mirror, Mirror.

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

"How to use self reflection as a tool to create a better you."

Because nobody knows you better than you, right?

So I took the fuck it fail post to the next level, and with the pre 2019 "New year, new me" mindset I fully excused some pretty neglectful behaviours.

Instead of taking my own advice and accepting failure as a learning curve, I became accepting of failing every other day temporarily with the plan of fixing up on Jan 1st.

Little did I know that actually, the holidays, the children being off and work being scarce over the Christmas period would throw me completely off balance, everything I had planned for Jan/Feb business wise has changed. I'm coming to realise that a well as accepting the failure and fix up concept before things get too out of hand, It's also really important to comfortably handle change.

I was starting to feel as though my commitment failures to January and Febs plans meant that I was failing myself, when all that's really happened is change.

I've changed my mind, my priorities and wants have changed and thats okay too.

"Work for a cause, not applause.

Live life to express, not to impress."

We put SO much pressure on ourselves now to live upto our own and sometimes everybody else's expectations or ideals, when all that really matters is that you feel as though your working on your dreams daily in some way, big or small.

I've started to ask myself thought-provoking questions, which when you get five minutes to yourself actually helps rest the mind and focus on planning the next few days.

The billionaires, high profile CEO's, life coaches and mentors often advise standing in front of a mirror and repeating sentences about wealth and goals, affirmations and wishes...

I'm not going to suggest you do that, but I am going to say that I think it helps to look at yourself sometimes to tune into self reflection, so next time your doing your hair or make-up, take the opportunity to ask yourself some reflective questions,

(you don't have to do it out loud..)

"what one important lesson have I learned this week?"

"what does my ideal day look like?"

"what are my 5 short term goals?"

"what inspires me?"

I don't think that self reflection has to become a thing and I'm not saying you should start journaling all of a sudden to become more self-aware.

I actually believe that you can implement self awareness into your everyday life much more simply than that by starting to become more aware in general, start being honest with yourself about how things are going and how your behaving, take notice of your behavioural patterns familiarise yourself with your habits so that you can strengthen the good ones.

Take time to recognise whats important to you so that you can begin to live more in line with your values and most importantly learn to forgive yourself, know that it's all part of the process and that failure is key to personal growth.

It really takes the pressure off when you feel as though you really know yourself, there's nothing worse than wondering why you have an anxious feeling one morning or not knowing why your over-spending, wondering what your over-compensating for..

I've been there, It's much more effortless to try to understand yourself than it is to wander around aimlessly hoping you stay on track.

Psst.. Happy New Year...

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