Mindset is Everything

I talk about mindfulness a lot, healthy states of mind, wellness and better being.

And this Bank Holiday weekend I fully put that into practise.

Isn't it crazy how wrapped up in things you can get by sheer ignorance?

I can honestly look back over the last few months and say I can see clearly that I have been creating my own path, away from a life I'd settled for. It's evident in my posts, which all reflect some emotion in my life and ultimately evident in my recent decisions. It took some drastic action to finally make some much needed changes to my life.

I'm convinced that the seasons have a huge impact on my life choices, like winter is defo huge hibernation time for me work wise, which has a ridiculously lazy effect on me and my lifestyle choices, then all of a sudden Summer comes and I'm like bam! Change change change, work work work.

Well that's exactly how it feels, and after an introductory May Bank Holiday, I'm myself again.

So much so that I've fully thrown myself back into life & work and spoken with all my friends over at the Festivals on the list for this years coverage, and ensured that no-one stands in the way of that by going bigger and better than previous years, securing interview exclusives (just announced today via @surfgypsymag 's IG!), our Step and Repeat Press wall and 2x New Festivals to our line up!

"Eliminate what doesn't help you evolve"

And honestly if you find yourself in a place of feeling completely swamped by anyone else's life choices, just know that no matter how much you invest in them, until they invest in themselves- the foundations that make up who they are, not just superficial bullshit like capabilities or looks.. I'm talking morals and priorities, then you're. absolutely. wasting. your .precious .time.

"Invest in yourself, level up, there are good people waiting for you to re-introduce yourself."

- A special thanks to everyone that came through for me this weekend, and those cheeky new souls that have enhanced my life so much already, onto new adventures xjx


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