Loosing yourself to find yourself

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Firstly, unless you already do this ^^^ on the regular you NEED to put the following films on your watch list.


2. Eat Pray Love

3. JOY

Truly inspirational films that I literally brainwash people with when they come over. 

When I discovered these beauties I started to realise the importance of taking yourself out of the 9-5 routine to heal, detox and grow.

I have a really spiritual friend by the way, who uses these words regularly and I never used to be able to relate, I was too wrapped up in the routine of expected life that I didn't make time to "get in touch with myself", yoga and wellness retreats weren't on my radar. Until we had a sleepover and she chose Wild to inspire me and to expand my thinking, it worked. The next day I bought a tent, grabbed a coffee cup and a frying pan and headed off on a random roadtrip, We ended up in Devon driving aimlessly along coastal roads and dirt tracks until we discovered an absolute gem of a cliffside and a gorgeous deserted beach with a stunning waterfall. 

After pitching up, (guys are actually useless at this task) we collected driftwood from the beach, lit a fire and just sat. We spent the entire night admiring the balmy sunset, exploring the coastline and stargazing. It was the most purifying experience we'd had as a couple yet. Sure we're spontaneous as hell jet setters but the other half wasn't half as 'earthy' as I am when we met. 

We've both experienced toxic failed relationships that have impacted our life choices and who we are. So we made a conscious effort to vow to change horrible learnt behaviours and really open up and explore ourselves and each other. Granted I've been more successful at this than he has, obvs, female power .. Growing and realising the importance of exploring your own potential is the key to your own success.

You can't just do it the once though, it has to be a conscious choice to chase your freedom and allow yourself that space and time to grow. When you actually sit in your own silence, in natural surroundings without the hustle and bustle of everyday life, your able to simplify your own thoughts and build on them. 

Once you've watched those films you'll probably be able to relate to this a lot more, but you have to get out and do it, a couple of posts back I spoke about my Social Media Detox, this was another escape I created and I didn't have to adventure for this one, it was a purifying experience for the mind. 

Although, because we do this regularly now in order to escape and stay sane in this crazy world; We've compiled a list of some of the best places here in Cornwall & Devon to really let loose and explore. 

Ok so..

1. Yurtcamp, Devon.

A stunning setting where you hire yurts for 2 or more nights at a time, grab a wheelbarrow and venture off into the woods in search of your private retreat. I spent most of my time here (around my yurt) completely naked. In a strange way I was able to start loving myself again, there were no mirrors! I've had two children and that takes it's toll on your state of mind. It was an amazing experience that I'd recommend to everyone, no matter how much you claim to hate the outdoors or camping, you'll love this!

2. Wild Camping. Our special place. 

Sorry, won't be disclosing the location of our clifftop discovery purely because it's an area of unspoilt natural beauty, its on a Devon coastal road if you fancy the challenge though! - and if you do find it, let me know! 

3. Spa Break.

Of course, there are all the Spas in Cornwall to chose from. Personally I'd recommend starting with 'being at one with nature' and setting off on your travels without much of a plan, but if the wilderness really isn't your thing settle for a special deal with the Scarlet Hotel, we save this one for special occasions. We book 2 or 3 treatments and spend the entire day here, no phones, just us.. and a few other people doing their own thing. Psst. head for the meditation room during your visit, we medded so hard that we fell asleep.. Lush.

4. Van hire. 

You can rent a camper van with The Cornwall Camper Company or Cornish Campers and set off on your own adventure around Cornwall, the company will give you tips on where to head for, and where you'll be allowed to pitch up for the night and off you go! There are purple area sites on dartmoor that are perfect for wild camping! #Roadie

Besides these, just grab your boards and drive! We spend most of our weekends getting lost in a New City, Exploring Cornwall or searching for slabs!

"The simple life really starts to change your perspective on whats really important."

You start to loose the need for materialistic items, for that new car or bigger house, and appreciation for the simplest things in life. The way you chose to spend your time is effectively how your spending your life, you'll never get that time back, so consciously choose from now on, how you spend it. Learn to say "No" to people, occasions and choices that won't enrich your life somehow, end those toxic friendships and better your state of mind. 

And ladies, If you suffer from 'bad boy' syndrome like me and the majority of my girlfriends, there's hope for you yet, I've always been adventurous at heart, but if your guy a bit like mine was is slightly small minded, maybe a 'city like', takes more selfies than you do and follows these ridiculous grammable designer boy fashion trends soz siksilk, then rest assured, theres hope for you yet!

I promise, sorry hon, but my guy had zero relationship experience, was extremely small minded and non-travelled, and trust me, start with those films.. he'll love them. And men mostly learn by example, so the more you explore the more you'll intrigue him. 

Start with those films, see you on the other side!

Because, yolo :D

"If you thought you knew us based on who we were a year ago,  our growth game is strong, allow us to re-introduce ourselves."


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