I've posted a lot recently about procrastination, It's so easy at this time of year to fall into the hibernation trap. Let's chat the importance of staying 100% present in your everyday.

When Autumn hit and the warmer weather dropped off, I felt it myself, I took a week off after a busy Summer to outline my winter months work as well as plan for events next year and realised 2 weeks later that I was still on an unintentional vaycay!

As a direct result I'd missed two events that I'd booked onto, had delayed invoices and missed a networking opportunity of a lifetime...

Lot's of us find behaviour like this easy to excuse with endless reasons mostly coming down to poor time management, I had no excuse, other than clearly needing a break...

If you find that your procrastinating, you're likely to be living a Surface life and by that I mean swanning through day to day life without really addressing thoughts and feelings beyond everything you deal with day to day, simply floating at the surface. But there's a whole fuller world below that you should be discovering!

I speak to people all the time that explain that they find it difficult to make time for wellness and creating higher levels of self, so here's a really simple easy way to start addressing your daily mindset.

Simply change the way you speak:

Instead of saying "I haven't got time for that", which is a very closed sentence that excuses a choice, Try, "I can make time for that on" which is a much more positive constructive response which allows for further exploration and often leads to a conclusion like planning a day ahead where you will have time to deal with it, writing it down and sticking to that.

When we start to think more positively, we train our brains to accept higher levels of thought, which allow for higher levels of personal growth and before you know it you'll be open to the world around you that's also levelling up, like-minded people, new places, its the beginning to owning a key that unlocks new doors, because like I mentioned before, nothing changes if you don't make a change.

This is where The Law Of Attraction comes in, but thats a whole other post...


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