How to back-to-school like a boss

Today on my IG I shared some thoughts on parenting children with additional needs, that's a whole other post, but it is partly the reason I've had to learn to become extra organised.

The back-to-school week has begun, every year except this one was a complete fail for me.. lost birth certificates, lack of uniform, leaving everything until the last minute.

Although, I have already suffered a slight fail. The mutual mess that was the co-parent mishap, where we both confused each other with term dates. Although recognised just in time for tomorrow where Harley has a parent/teach meet instead of a first day back.

Ok so, first of all, to avoid getting caught up in any of that shit.


  • Make a Back-To-School needs list.

(School bags, uniform, plimsols... 2 weeks before the term begins, at least!)

  • Collect, fill and file those pesky forms in time for the 1st day back

  • (To avoid those judgemental 'head of year' eyes.)

  • Label school wear!

  • ( be prepared to loose and replace ALOT though no matter how hard you go with that machine!)

  • Be a night owl.

(Nighttime prep is your best friend from now on, iron, fix and prepare lunches etc every night.)

  • Be a Ninja.

(acquire this skill quite quickly, do not make eye contact, you'll attract a PTA mom or the teacher chat in no time, and then your forced to converse small talk style all semester, invest in some oversized sunnies for the school run, you've been warned.)

This is my personal fave, absolute top tip. Invest in breakfast and after school club, even if you don't need it.. Here's why, When the ninja moves fail, and they do, a lot. You may start to dread the drop offs and pick ups, like finding parking to get them there in the first place isn't enough stress.. most schools offer a 15-30mins early drop and the same for after school, beat the rush, squish the small talk and bonus, if the teacher really wants to chat they'll schedule in an appointment for your later drop off time instead of singling you out at the classroom door at 3pm.


You'll notice my honesty IG posts lately in the run up to the back-to-school week, #momtruth chat is coming up, thank god. There's so many perfect mommy/perfect children grams, blogs, sites.. I know I found it hugely refreshing when I came across socials like @Tova_leigh !

#LetsGetReal #2KidsCanDeal


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