Half Term and how to survive

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

I completely exclude myself from the perfect mummy groups you'll find huddled around awaiting for their angels in the playground, I'm the one that speeds up generally on the later side of 'home time' and collects by beeping and flinging open the passenger door, guilty. Occasionally I'll be early and spot one of the regular moms or dads and slide on over for a spot of small talk but generally, i'll avoid all contact if I can.

Why you might ask, well, after 8 years of parenting you find that the school run small talk gets very limited, you quickly make your acquaintances throughout the reception years, they're actually quite fun once you get past the first very awkward year of not knowing everyone. Then there's the age gap, here in Newquay I'm amongst some of the more youthful parents and with that comes stigma and judgemental wiser parents. But like I said once you hit primary everyone thinks they know everyone and after years of attending birthday parties and mingling with parents of children you didn't even realise existed the fun kind of wears off.

And there goes the reminder that actually I'm starting this process all over again this year. With a new group of parents at the same school, with the same events and the same teachers.

So after juggling work, school, annual events, PTA's, endless nights prepping for bake sales, lantern making and homework we're granted some well deserved time off from the routine, Que the half terms..

February half term.. 8 glorious days, The first break from school since the mania of Christmas, an entire week usually followed by a teacher training day. We live by the sea, there's tourist attractions galore and I've been prepping for this week since New Years.

I've found the best way to enjoy my children is to have some element of planning. Learnt this one the hard way when everywhere we'd usually go was either too busy or it was raining etc.

I've taken the entire week off. We've made our plans.

So first on the list was a trip away. Easy peasy.

Then to find lot's of activities that we haven't done recently, well this week thats pretty easy too thanks to Pancake day, Valentines and Cornwall's never ending list of local events.

So this week I'll be sharing our daily activities and how to make the most of them for free! But first I'm off to stock up on the Red. :)


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