Fuck It. Fail

I learnt something last week, whilst I was mid-meltdown because I was just putting too much pressure on myself.

If I'd had the encouragement to be okay with failure instead of constantly striving for success would I appreciate the process of learning from my mistakes sooner?...

I don't actually know where I saw this concept, but there was a man, who asked his teenage daughters weekly what they had failed at in life. He was almost disappointed when the girls said they didn't feel although they had failed at anything at all. His view was this, For his girls to learn from their mistakes and take on life great lessons they first needed to fail, over and over again, to experience change and growth.

I 100% agree with this concept, as well as striving for a better self, part of that process has to be being ok with failure, and not seeing that as a negative, or a mistake.. we hear all too often people say that their job was the wrong role, that they've wasted time on ex's...when actually all of those experiences have shaped who you are today, you've learnt from those people, those times, those experiences, and next time similar things happen you may recognise it and handle it differently giving a more beneficial outcome, Growth.

I urge you to seek out your failures, to accept them and to go off and grow.

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