Babies and Birthdays

It's time to do it all over again, both children were planned for an August delivery (as far as you can plan for a due date when your trying) so that they could start school earlier than usual. I'm huge believer in the controversial subject that is the summer babies starting school aged 4 instead of 5. Lot's of people argue that children aren't ready for school level routine and education, and in all honesty I can see pro's and cons to each side. But personally for me, it's important for my children to learn how to form new relationships and learn key social skills from an early age, reception year at school is very similar to nursery education and very much soft play in the beginning. If you choose a good school they're often willing to make the settling in process as easy as possible and stats do show that the majority of children starting school age as summer babies over the last 5 years have gone on to achieve same level test results as they're peers if not higher, where as years ago it was shunned upon as most summer babies appeared to struggle to keep up and consequently achieved below average grades.

I remember Dillan turning 4 and worrying far too much even though he'd been in nursery from an early age so that I could return to work, but I have a feeling Harley's going to be just fine, he's far too forthcoming and creative to struggle all that much I think. 

So with less than 2 weeks to go before the back to school routine begins, I've got one birthday down and one to go. Taking Harley to Woodland's in Devon for his Birthday treat has to have been one of the best decisions I've made all year, taking into consideration our recent move and how many old toys we recycled, filling his bedroom with more newbies just didn't seem right. So after asking what he wanted and getting " a walking talking santa" as a reply, we opted for a home craft craft set because he's in love with mister maker and a Birthday treats day out, family always spoil him anyway so he was loving it.

The big one will be Dillan's 9th birthday this coming Friday... he's far more difficult to please.

The summer hols have been both amazing and exhausting, personally I can't wait for routine again, lot's of amazing things n the pipeline for 2019, Bring on Christmas and wooly jumpers I say...


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