Flower Power

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Gender equality amongst children, HUGELY controversial subject.

Nature V Nurture and all that.

Well I'm a huge supporter of my children and all of their wants and desires, and sorry stereotype's if my kid wants to push a pram, he can!

My boys love flowers, I posted earlier today about some of our favourite crafts, flower pressing is one of them, and it gives me a change to up-cycle some of my old frames whilst we play!

So Today Harley and I made use of my Birthday/Mothers day floral collection along with the help of several Vogue Magazines because we couldn't find the press.

It's amazing to watch young children be inquisitive and want to learn about nature, so Harley came away from todays session slightly side tracked mesmerised by the fact that daisies can drink food colouring and change colour completely in around 10 minutes, bless him.

And of course, bonus! I've got lot's of frames to make up this week when the flowers are all pressed and dry, ready for our new home!

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