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We've been busy bees prepping for this Summer holiday, and our Blogger Trip invites have gone through the roof! So The Eden Project invited us in to experience Their Brand New Space Expedition, as you all know we've worked with The Eden Project a lot over the years and we were so excited to see this expo, Dillans been studying Space with his school recently too which was handy meanwhile little Harley bless him thought we were visiting actual Space..

When you visit Eden you can't miss the main attractions as you take the bridge over to the tower.

Eden's Rainforest Biomes is home to the World's largest rainforest and over 1000 species of plant.

The boy's got up close and personal with Gum plants, Cocoa plants and loved learning about where all of our different foods and products come from. Little curly B was desperately trying to grab a fallen flower head to bring home the entire time, and Dillan raced around to the top to get a glance from the Canopy.

It was pretty warm during our visit so the cool room halfway came in handy for a good 10 minutes. The highlight for us in the biomes has to be the waterfall, its beautiful.

There's lot's of interactive boards and learning stops along the way which the kids loved, The Malaysian hut was a sure fave too as the boys got to role model living as part of an original Malaysian family, so cute.

We have a family game that we play everywhere, The Eden Project was the perfect spot for it, so the kids have to go off and usually bring back something 'green' 'smooth' 'wet' 'dry' 'round' .. the list goes on, and it keeps them entertained for a while, at Eden however you can't pick plants from the Biomes, so we played it the whole way around, learning about the plants and flowers along the way, which was an awesome way to keep the kids engaged and feeling a sense of achievement for finding and learning about foreign plants.

Then we moved off into the Mediterranean Biome, which is equally as pretty as the Rainforest Biome, just a lot smaller, with beautiful flowers, a med-style restaurant, Hello Sangria! and a massage parlour, needed.

And only when we'd been around what The Eden Project always has on offer did we go and explore the Space Expo that we'd been invited in to see. Which naturally topped the day off for the boys as the excitement had been building all day!

The boys were given Space Passports as their entry into the Expedition, collecting stamps around the park as they tried out each venture, The moon car racing was cute as they received a Renault official card for taking part in the moon driving school, then we moved round to the Mission to Mars held on the stage for the Eden Sessions and the ice rink, which had been transformed into a Space ship as we took our journey through Space, flying by the Moon and the Milky Way, experiencing life on mars and ending our journey under the Giant moon.

The outside area had been turned into a family food court with Churros and hot food available whilst the kids tried out the Enceladus Ice Slide.

Whilst we were at Eden, Hangloose invited us over to try out their extreme adventure park which includes a skyline dive over The Eden Project, stay tuned for that one next!

Visit the Eden promo video below:

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