Ditch it December

"Fuck the Resolution, Find a solution!"

Legit THE hardest time of year for many, the saving, the stresses, the family...

The list goes on!

It's usually prime time for procrastinating and bad habits (usually for me the drinking, but I'm exempt from drinking anything this year haha) and then queue the guilt trip shortly after boxing day about how much food you ate, alcohol you drank, money you spent and pissing long lost aunt carol off with your drunken antics at the Christmas lunch..


Just me then.

Either way, almost all of us partake in that thing where we pressure ourselves into changing one or more habits on New Years Eve, The New Year Resolution. - And some of us will refuse to 'use this one day to make such promises to ones self'.

Wouldn't it be far more beneficial to identify why these habits, behaviours or issues are still happening all year round and just tackle the root head on?

Get ready to make 2020 your best year yet!

For example, you may want to keep stop spontaneous spending and keep a tight track of your monthly budgets.. sure you can plan, download an app, and check in to see where you're going wrong but if your spending way too much on sh*t you just don't need then there's a reason why, right?

Self evaluation is key:

I think we should spend less time telling ourselves to stop doing things and spend more time learning from them.

If we're not making mistakes we're failing..

Yep, you read that right.

If you are not making any mistakes, you're fucking failing.

Fail in the right way, a healthy way, make those mistakes! It's THE only way to learn.

It's O.K. as long as you learn from it and learning from it may mean changing a habit, so cool do your New Years Resolutions but make sure you identify the fail and take steps to ensure you won't repeat the fail and voila, a healthy change.

"Visualise your highest self and start showing up as her"

If you're still unsure head back to the "Fuck It Fail' Post, It's a perfect time of year to re-evaluate the last 12 months and hope for a healthier 2020, of course, just don't wig out with "My New Years Resolution is to stop spending so much money".. Get deeper than that and embrace change.

Merry Christmas readers x

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