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Updated: Aug 14, 2018

We absolutely L O V E getting crafty!

Both the boys are really creative, I'll never forget the time the babysitter allowed them to turn their old bedroom into a space station and they covered everything in tin foil, their imaginations are crazy big!

When we're not adventuring the boys love exploring the garden so here's my Top Tips for keeping them crafty at home!

1. This isn't a crafty one, but last year at the garden's of helicon Christmas fair we picked up a pack of woodlands cards called "Go find me", a deck of cards with different symbols on for your children to go and find in the woods/garden, like " Go find me, something green..or soft.. or round" The boys love it! And when we meet the girls at the woods, their kids love it too! Perfect for entertaining them in the garden at home too!

2. So onto the crafts, first things first.. Pinterest, seriously, If you haven't delved into the wonders of "Diy crafts for children" on Pinterest, you're seriously missing out. You'll find things like diy make at home play dough, window mosaics, paper plate crafts and so much more!

Ok onto my faves.

My favourite things to play with the boys at the moment has to be mini-gardens.

They'll venture off into the garden with their little cardboard box collecting mud, sticks, stones and leaves and come back to the play mat to create their miniature gardens, this one is Harley's, aged 3. So you can see it's a great outdoorsy activity for kids aged around 20 months onwards, Harley likes to add his favourite toys.

Activity time: 1-2 hours.

Whenever I pop over to Hobbycraft I always pick up their modelling clay, it's really cheap too!

The boys love creating Animal models, either grab the air dry or oven bake, paint and glaze. It's really amazing, and works out for great gifts for Family members as keep-sakes!

Perfect for creating your own hand and foot print keepsakes also, no need for those expensive kits!

Top Tip: Grab some plasticine (£.500 for this tub at Hobbycraft) whilst your there, it's play dough-like and cheaper!

Activity Time: 1 hour.

Another thing I'll usually buy is painting crafts for the children, usually on offer at all the supermarkets and of course places like hobby craft. This week the boys chose Birdbox's,

since our resident Sparrow took a trip in through the back doors and stayed with us in the house for the evening, the boys wanted to give him a home, So he has a choice of two cutely painted homes filled with goodies and treats for him. It's really satisfying for them to wake up and see that Mr. Sparrows occupying their creations, Dillan did a school paper on him for show and tell too!

Activity time: 1 hour.

Both my boys have a thing for flowers, every time we go out and about they'll both go off

collecting flowers for me, they're so cute. Luckily I've kept my flower press from like 1995 so the boys enjoy crushing the flowers up and creating keep-sake pictures and cards for me, which when laminated, last a lifetime. They're absolutely gorgeous and a great idea for handmade cards for friends and family! - If you don't have a flower press, use an A4 piece of tracing paper folded in half to slip the flowers into and place inside a heavy book for 1 day before laminating when dry.

Oh and fellow mommies, You can get really involved with this one, Pinterest search flower press diy crafts for inspo and grab some glass a frame's from The Range to re-create those beautiful leafy green or floral pic frames, I have them going up our staircase, Looks Lush!

Activity time: 1-2 days.

Time for yourself?

An activity I find perfect for leaving the kids at the craft table, minimal supervision for keeping them busy while you get that ironing done is this, and it may just save you one day haha!

Print and keep those colour by numbers black and white favourite character colouring sheets, keep them in their hundreds! Fill the table with crayons and paints and simply leave.

Guaranteed to keep them busy for at least half an hour whilst you have a whip around! I literally add something new each time like little gold star stickers or tiny pots of glitter, or surprise a new easter themed picture and they're well away, Needed when you work everyday and sometimes through the night, schedule blog posts every evening and run the house, so i love this one.

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