Cornwall Live picks up my story..

Thankyou to@cornwalllivefor publishing the Petition details, I’m overwhelmed to say the least that we reached the target goal of 1,500 in order 24 hours and have prevented my abuser returning to my home village, where my family and I spend alot of time.

There’s still more work to do, please continue to sign, the more signatures we obtain, the more effective my argument will be to the Home Office for long standing change for all UK sexual abuse victims and survivors.

It’s incredibly important to me that I turn what’s been a terrible nearly lifelong ordeal into a positive by creating change in the British Justice system.

•Plea bargains for Paedophiles, should NOT exist in exchange for lesser sentences.

•The CPS process should take into account and act on the victims wishes including those that wish to go to trial to get Full Justice.

•Sexual abuse charges should carry larger sentences.

•Victims of abuse should NEVER have to attend the abusers prison to exercise their rights.

•Parole based Exclusion zones should be upheld with no exception.

I was left with no option other than to waive my right to anonymity as a victim to bring this case to the attention of those that need to listen. This should not be the only way to create attention on such issues.

The system is failing victims daily, I need your continued support to make a change.

Link in bio, please SIGN.


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