Circus Funtasia Invite

Circus Funtasia was unlike anything we'd ever seen before.

Every single act was engaging. Every single act had our 100% attention and the performers were World Class. In fact I'd go as far as to say we were shocked by their capabilities throughout, The kids were gobsmacked.

The aerial performers were stunning, the music was capturing, the lightening effects were brilliant..

There was a particular Performer 'The Geek' that reminds you of a young Lee Evans who was great at engaging the crowd throughout and entertaining between acts. The younger performers were bloody brilliant, I won't ruin that little gem for you, you can seem them for yourselves.

Honestly you know those acts where you say " ahh I know what this guys going to do.." and then BAM he tops it like a million percent and leaves you speechless, yeah well that happened the entire way through with nearly every single act.

The entire crew were so friendly and welcoming to us, they involved random members of the audience through certain acts too which was really entertaining and absolutely hilarious.

There's so much more I want to share with you but it would ruin the entire show.

Highlights for us adults had to be the bike show, and for the kids who are begging to go back next year was for Harley the ladder sketch and for Dillan, the Harlequin act.

Honestly if you haven't visited the Global phenomenon that is Circus Funtasia whilst it's in the South West, you haven't seen a proper circus :) and you're most definitely missing out!

Thanks Tracy and Team!

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