Camel Creek Press trip

Getting ready for CC today <3

Ahhh.. Day 1, week 2 of this Easter half term break.

We're working our way through our calendar of invites and today we kicked off with a trip to Camel Creek, formally known as Cornwall's Crealy.

The boys absolutely love this place, It's great in any weather and takes a good few hours to get around every time.

Starting off on the carrousel we worked our way through animal kingdom, with a quick stop in to see the horse Roxy, the mare I helped deliver nearly 5 years ago now on a callout to Crealy. The Kids are fascinated by that. Bless them, and I'm convinced that Roxy still recognises me as the first face she ever saw :)

Then we moved onto Croc Corner, where the kiddies got up close and personal with the creepy crawlies and the slithery snakes. It's amazing how engaged the kids got with the hole displays, looking for the frogs and insects. We were the first in and the last out of the tunnel!

Then of course I got roped into accompanying Harley on the wild west mechanical horse ride, which was amazing for them.. not so comfortable for me, haha!

There's loads of Character events coming up so keep an eye on Camel Creek's FB page for updates and details of their shows, because in season the park is a lot more lively, so today we missed out on the usual Pony Rides, which are charged at a small fee during high season.

And.. we managed to coax every one of our 4 children onto Mawgwr.. which was surprising to say the least, with one aged 3! But nether-the-less we pulled it off, and they loved it! Even my little Harley who started crying half way round until the end, still came out with "that was so fun, i loved it"- with tears still rolling down his angelic little face.

By this time we were searching for a bar of some sort while the kids played in the soft play cottages, which is a cute little area where you can literally let the kids go off and enjoy a breather for yourselves.

There's a few things that have changed since we last visited, there's a cafe closed, there's a New 5d Simulator experience and sadly the water rides have been fenced off, which is a shame, but since becoming Camel Creek the park has undone lot's of updates and changes, for the better in my opinion.

Not to mention the new Luxury lakeside lodges that are currently in the making.. Yes Simon, we're waiting eagerly for that invite :)

We literally spent 5 hours here today, and it must be the 30th time (no lie) we've visited, so all in all a great place to take the kids for a whole day's entertainment, there's also deals on 7 day returns and annual memberships so take a look at their website for more info!

The only thing I will say is, it would be great to see some camels, so I hope this is in the planning too:)

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