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Updated: Aug 14, 2018

Phew.. Sorry for the lack of posts guys! We've had the busiest and most amazing fortnight ever, so my Blog Calendar kind of went out the window temporarily.

Tonight I'm buzzing, we just got in from taking part in the One Wave movement, "One Wave is all it takes", raising awareness for Mental Health by gathering at the beach dressed in Fluro, taking time to share experiences and support others as well as sharing precious moments to remember those who've been affected by Mental Health.

You only have to take a peek at "Onewaveisallittakes" IG feed before you realise how global this movement has become, and we were proud to sport the fluro and head on down the Great western Beach tonight in aid of such a great cause. See "Onewavenewquay_uk" on Instagram for more updates and more photos from the night.

As well as this wonderful event, over the weeks we've been contacted by several amazing brands to support Vegan friendly Haircare and makeup products which I literally can't wait to share with you, (sneak peek on my IG story :D) and Little Women Lingerie sent out some new garms for our trips, Lush! The kiddies have something to look forward to too as a little box of goodies is on the way to them - which, and I know I said this already, but I'm literally so excited to share with you.

Perfect for the upcoming half term.. 2 weeks. Yep, usually I'd be absolutely dreading it, however, as per the last half term we've planned the hell outta it, and we can't bloody wait to show you what we have in store for all our boys.

Complete teaser of a post I know, but I promise it's totally worth the wait.

J & A



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