It really has been one of those days today, you know the ones.. After a fairly late night and a rubbish nights sleep you struggle to find the motivation to even get out of bed. Thankfully for me I have a crazy little kid that comes in to snuggle with me asking for a peppa pig pancakes baking sesh and with that i'm out of bed like a shot but with a to do list as long as my arm, endless emails to sift through and birthdays to plan it's hard to see a plan past breakfast. 

Off to the vision board I went, you know the one I was talking about? If you haven't done it yet. Make one.

Comforted to know that it's important to take some down time, I settled for an entire day slobbing from one task to another, main excuse being deliveries arriving all day so kinda couldn't leave anyway.. But I think knowing that put me in that mood in the first place. So I decided to make the most of it, I made a start on my feature wall for the top of my landing and then settled down to the huge task that was my emails.

As my creative juices started flowing that was it, I was out of the hole that is working from home during the holidays, when your used to being able to flit off to a meeting here, swan off for coffee there during working hours it's a huge contrast when your met with an all day peppa pig tea party mid important phonecall. School really is a saving grace for the working parent.

Every week this holiday was pre-planned, blog PR Trips the first 2 weeks, house move and quality time for the next 2, family coming to stay on the 4th week, followed by a week of work and one birthday and another one the next. Then finally, back to school.

Nearly a decade into parenting and I'm still no fan of the holidays, the novelty wears off for me after the first couple of weeks when the constant sibling bickering sets in. I feel like people are often too afraid to say how they feel, this is your reminder that it's ok to want the holidays over and done with, it's ok to say you love parenting and work too, it's ok to say i'm not just a mum, i'm riddled with guilt sometimes when I think of how much business means to me but the truth is that I want it both, I want the quality time, the everyday time and the alone time to grow, my picture of parenthood wasn't being home and cooking with the kids everyday.

I have a few friends who's dream life is being a stay at home parent with a financially supportive partner, and that's ok too, but it's not for me. 

Although it's definitely hard to keep the balance and switch between working through the holidays and working through term time. Know that feelings are temporary, allow yourself the time to process how your feeling and stay in your magic. Totally ready for the re-alignment in two weeks time, that's right I'm effin counting it down!


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