Back to Basics

oh yes breaking out the trusty falcons

A little late, sorry!

Wow. we're finally back to basics, back to routine, back to normal life.

Aren't they just amazing?! A 2 week break from school is essential bonding time, a chance for many to relax slightly more than usual and just enjoy each other and have lots of fun.

For once our half term went pretty much as planned! woo hoo!

We perfectly executed everything we'd planned and had an amazing time doing it.

Although we learnt a few things I feel the need to share with you about Car Travel.

Essential break down survival kit, being stuck at the side of the motorway with no services in sight and a 3 hour wait for the RAC is no fun, but slightly worse when theres no coffee and no treats. We finally taxi'ed to services, which is a joke when your trying to return to your broken down vehicle on the opposite side and the next junctions a 3 mile round trip!- So next time the survival kit will consist of a flask, coffee, blankets and the tablet charged for Netflix, because the cars tv's had gone down with the breakdown :(

Tv's, not just for cars like ours, we actually also have the universal attachments for the kindle fires we reviewed a few weeks ago for the head rests too which are awesome! Great entertainment for the kiddies, along with our Flying Tiger card set and the kids new favourite printable straight from Pinterest, which is just a personalised for each child list of "can you spot", e.g.: Stop sign, green truck, dog in car...first one to tick them all gets a surprise, literally we just do kinder eggs, works a treat.

All that aside, we were reminded about why we came to Cornwall in the first place, work and schooling gets in the way of our Cornish adventures sometimes, so we've decided since taking advantage of all the press-y type trips for the half term we want to spend more time exploring Cornwall and Devon in it's raw natural form, So at the next opportunity and now that summers here, we're getting back to basics and taking the kids on nature expeditions around the coast. Wild camping, wild swimming, fishing,biking, endless surf sessions, new beach discovering, foresting, basically we're going hippie for a few days over the next month and the kids are so excited that they've started designing their own camps, complete with homemade Tipis and tree stump breakfast areas, bless harley for coming up with the innovative idea of taking his old ikea netted cot canopy along as his diy tipi, I'm actually really looking forward to not breaking out a sweaty nylon tent and deciding to go completely feral using pinterest guidance to create some desert-island worthy homes for the night.

Literally can't wait to strap the boards to the range, pack up and go.. let's just hope we don't get too carried away and end up in the south of France :D #Roadieee

Can't wait to share that with you!

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