• The Coven, a powerful collective of women supporting women, an online sisterhood of all things Business, tell all:

It truly is a powerful collective of women supporting each other. The Coven is an online platform for self-identifying women in business. Our number one aim is to support our members to grow their businesses, their side hustles, their dreams and give them tons of new knowledge they can use to do this. We offer monthly accountability calls, mentoring, a business book club, online workshops every month with industry experts, a directory for members to browse and connect with other women they make like to network with, a FB group which is an incredible space - so many conversations happen every day, it's beautiful to be a part of and so much more.

  •  Women's empowerment collectives are on the rise, with so many Female motivators guiding business women through start ups I think it's really important for us ladies to have a common place to meet and chat all things business and learning curves along the way, discovering The Coven was like a breath of fresh air, what inspired you to start up?

I was in New York on my own when I first had the idea almost exactly a year ago. I'd just gone through a bad break up (which is what landed me in New York, I heard it's a great place for mending hearts and having a good time) and was reflecting on my business (I also own a flower studio called The Flower Arranger which is almost three years old, how far it had come and how I'd done it all alone with very little business knowledge. The alone bit really struck a chord with me, there were times when I'd just felt compeltely and utterly alone... particularly in the moments when I'd failed at something or was feeling stressed about my flower studio. I thought about the women I'd connected with on Instagram and Twitter along the way and how much stronger they'd me feel. I thought it would be incredible to create a platform that could bring all of these incredible women together and curb some of that loneliness by giving women a space to find companionship and support from others who just get it. It took me a while to really decide on what The Coven would be whilst keeping support at its core. I knew that when I started my business I'd had very little business knowledge and through sheer determination and hours (and I really mean hours) spent online, taking various courses, reading blogs and spending A LOT of money on books that I couldn't be alone in my lack of business skills. I thought creating a platform that could teach these women new knowledge and skills at the same time would be totally invaluable to them all whilst not charging them a fortune because micro businesses really don't have a lot of cash to spare in the beginning. Ten months after the idea the platform was finally complete and we launched three months ago in June. It's a dream come true.

  • So many women relate to the isolation that starting up and running a business can bring, whats your most valuable advice to staying present in life as well as Business?

For me making friends with other people with a business or a startup really helped me and kept me sane. I love my friends but it was hard to explain why I couldn't spend my Friday nights in the pub and was instead working and why I was pouring so much time and energy into my flower studio. If you aren't in it and have never experienced becoming an entrepreneur then it can be really hard to understand. Staying present is all about managing your time and having clear goals and then the actions needed to achieve them. If you're aware of what you are aiming for as opposed to working really hard with no clear aim of what you aim to get out of that hard work then you can make sure you are really managing your time. By clear goals, I mean actual figures and aims written down. I.e I am working really hard on my marketing in order to give my brand more exposure so that I can reach X number of sales.

  • You share a lot of video content and general chat on your stories, I'm addicted! You speak a lot about overcoming anxiety, got any tips?

Anxiety and mental health is still something I battle with every day, unfortunately. I suffer quite badly from it and so it's something I've had to learn to manage rather than trying to just make it disappear. I do think to start a business puts you in a constant stressful environment and can worsen anxiety because of this it's definitely worth considering the impact starting a business may have on you before you do. It's not to say you can't do it if you suffer from anxiety, I do it, lots of people do it but if you can preempt the ways in which you might be affected by it then you can spot it as it's happening and fix your surroundings accordingly. That came up super formal and fact like as I wrote it.... the truth of it is we are all affected by mental health in really individual ways, I could give tips on how I cope with my anxiety (sleeping 8 hours a night, deep breathing techniques 24/7, remembering to turn off from my businesses a few times week) but they aren't necessarily going to work for you. Find what works for you!  

  • Personally I'd love to see The Coven expand offline too & host massive girly get togethers for all us like-minded ladies, that would be awesome.. whats in the pot for The Coven over the next few years?... P.S if that happens, i'll totally expect an invite 😊

We will be hosting 5-6 meetups a year in various cities (both in the UK and further afield) so definitely keep your eyes peeled... for me, the future currently holds lots of time spent supporting our current members. I'm really, really invested in each and every one of them. I want to make sure they find value within The Coven and keep providing all members with new, useful content and amazing industry experts for them to learn from. I'm trying to 'perfect' (although nothing is ever perfect) and improve the platform over the next six months, for me, it's about looking inwards right now as opposed to striving for growth and bigger figures. I'm all about my witches. Long term I aim to get Coven members in as many cities around the world as possible so we can truly take our support worldwide, we already have members across seven countries so I'm looking to in the future put on free events around the world, meetups and more. The future is super exciting right now especially as we are still so young. 


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