Apply The law of attraction to your business life

Updated: May 3, 2018

Some people are blissfully unaware of mindfulness practise and proven everyday tools that can alter your mindset and attract a better quality of life.

At this stage if that's you, start by googling the Law of Attraction, no it's not some taboo creation to use on your love life.

It's a practise that you can implement into your everyday life to maximise your potential in millions of ways.

Starting with your frame of mind.

There's an age old saying that "Nothing changes, if nothing changes." Meaning you have to actively make changes to your life in order to see a change in anything.

Using the Law of Attraction in your world of Business soon becomes habit, once you start seeing results.

I'm going to suggest writing a plan, not a huge one, just start with a week. Figure out what you'd like to achieve in your Business within one week, Whether that's designing and ordering your first set of business cards, writing a business plan or finding business premises, It really doesn't matter how large or small the goal, what matters is perfectly executing your plan to maximise the possibility of your visions becoming actual reality.

All these people you aspire to, Richard Branson, Insta influencers, your fave clothing brand, they all started somewhere, they were at one stage just a thought in somebodies head.

Your thoughts can become reality, following a step by step plan helps you re-focus and stay on task during the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A check list will do.

Write in between the steps exactly what needs to be done to reach the next step, that way the next step won't seem so daunting, example below:

Week 1.

Objective: Design and order Business cards and leaflets.

1. Finalise Business name.

-Register business name with Companies house.

(Find fee, and make payment online)

2. Decide whether i'm designing these materials myself or whether i'll use a graphic designer or diy website.

-Compare prices

(Decide on a budget)

3. Design cards.

- write down all info that needs to be on cards, and get a second opinion from a friend before ordering.

(Hannah's free on Friday so fit it in at lunch)

It has to be this simple, write down anything that may affect perfect execution of each task, weekly available funds etc.. everything, and then write a solution, so that you have a clear view on each step and a way to avoid failure.

The other thing thats helpful to do is rest each evening before you go to bed.

Every day is a new day with endless opportunities, start each day as a fresh.

Also tidy surroundings equals a tidy mind, so practise this physically too.

Thats fresh linen feeling when you get into bed, knowing that tomorrow's outfit is already set out is unbeatable, plan your breakfast and do whatever prep you can to minimise time spent on normal tasks each morning. Organisation is key here. If your anything like me once you start practising all this you'll probably get a mid day flake, mine tends to creep in at around 4pm each day when the whole day has been spent on task, the kids are in from school and you have like an hour to enjoy home life before the night time routine begins, dinner, bath, bed and everything else in between.

Try making this easier too! If Self-Employment and Business is your focus, allocate your time right and you, like me, may be able to find the time to make ensure your not completely flat out turning to ready-meals or processed freezer foods and other unhealthy choices.. I mentioned before that I purposely sold my freezer to reduce the amount of chips or fish fingers hanging around our home, We buy everything fresh, which means I have no choice but to prepare healthy nutritious meals, again, that tidy mind quote comes in hand, healthy foods=healthy body- But that's a whole other post..

In a nutshell, mindfulness and the law of attraction start with you, and how you conduct yourself everyday, and once you start making these subtle healthy life choices and changes, I promise you'll start attracting a better quality of life.

That feeling when you start reaping the rewards is so exhilarating, you'll find it addictive and that shift in your focus everyday will open so many doors of opportunity for you.

Start today.

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