2018 Resolutions

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

So the run up to New Years Eve this year was.. eventful. Christmas as usual was an absolute nightmare, Cue the perfect Pinterest mom style christmas, perfectly executed? I think not.

But it wasn't for lack of trying, oh we tried.. For once we'd planned our finances to ensure we could get everything we'd decided to buy for the boys, and friends and family, That part thanks to Amazon, was easy peasy.. The not so easy part?.. Well, Being American I strive for that perfect twinkly frosted christmas day, home alone on in the background, well behaved boys in matching striped pj's, log fire crackling away in the background as we snap family shots for the albums, Christmas tree shaped crumpets served, I've managed to sort my hair out and some base photo ready makeup and the morning goes smoothly and I'm all set for prepping the glorified sunday lunch Christmas dinner before family start to arrive.

No. Just no, It does not and will not ever work this way.

It went more a little like this, Children wake up at 4am. Then again at 5.30, I managed to settle them back down desperate for one extra hour before the madness begins, meanwhile my other half sleeps blissfully through the commotion.. We all get up at 7.30am, No time for make-up and hair fix before we descend down the stairs to the delights that santa left, oh lovely exhausted santa.. he left a note of appreciation for his glass of Baileys (mom insisted that this was becoming tradition).. and mince pies.

As for the boys wearing their matching pj's, nope we got one half naked little cherub insisting on just wearing his pants and the 8 going on 18 insisting on floating around the house in his sweaty dressing gown.

Trying to get the children to hold still a moment for the perfect "sat by the Christmas tree all cute with favourite present shot".. Yeah, not happening and as for the other half trying to catch the "here mommy will help you shots", Not   a   chance, unless we're shooting a remake of The Grinch.

and before you know it, there goes that dreaded knock at the door. Enter said family, all perfect and primed (they don't have kids) entre les grandparents.

We seized the opportunity to dart off upstairs and make ourselves more presentable, I hid in the kitchen prepping dinner meanwhile other half is forced in with the in-laws and crazy children as they empty every single present across the living room in chaos.

As for NYE, first year without the children in a few years. Perfect opportunity to celebrate us, socialise, get merry singing Auld Lang Syne at the top of our lungs in some amazing colour filled firework destination. Exciting.

Cue world's worst episode of Flu, Night in front of the TV and a quick flit in the car to catch the celebrations from the cliffside overlooking the Atlantic and straight back in the car home.

and for another year, its all over.

Make silly promises to self that next year will be different, and I will pack in the fags. I'm going to turn super mom, get every morning routine down to a T, prep like crazy, get a diary, calendar, attend the PTA's, Vow to ensure next Christmas isn't as stressful by planning better..

We'll see.

So far through, The mom plans, there going good. We just launched another business, keeping us busy enough but that along with the life appointments, diary dates, play dates, birthday parties and travel. I know it's going to be a challenge.. Do i advertise for a live-in Au Pair..? Hmm.


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